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The Naming of Our Dome Home

Peter Pitchroof, Felix Flatwall. Only after looking for ideas for our concrete house, did I notice that several dome home owners have named their homes. I then realized that people have named, affectionately, their endeavors and pride - Monticello, Graceland, Bruco - to name a few.

As such, we tried to determine a name for our home. An affectionate term. Hmmmm….something that is important to us is our marriage and family. Our wedding bands are Claddagh, a heart held by hands, topped with a crown – symbols of love, friendship and loyalty. Seemed affectionate enough. Christine found a Claddagh weathervane online and voilà: Claddagh Dome.

The logo at first was hand drawn mixing our Claddagh rings and the shape of our dome. Justin Tocci from Workflow Products, LLC worked his magic on the computer and now the logo looks great! Thanks Justin.

Jim is working on the cupola that will hold our whole house fan. After it is set in place, the weathervane will be added. Pictures will be added when complete.